Salams and greetings all 🙂

I haven’t posted because I didn’t have anything positive to write about. I had been experiencing a dip in my iman and thankfully it is lifting. As of late I’ve had a lot of stress upon me, to the point where I just felt immobilized by it. Totally overwhelmed and fraught with worries. About a week ago, I had an epiphany: I decided that I’ve done all I could and now it’s time to realize that I must rely on my faith and leave some of these issues in Allah’s hands. I truly have no control over some of these problems, and can no longer tolerate the constant ‘what if’s that notoriously make me, me.

Thankfully my children are in good health, my husband and I are well too and we are enjoying our little family. Alhamdulillah for this. We are faced with making some big decisions soon, and may have to move. For now my prayer is “Oh my Creator, please keep us four together and in the best imam and health, and if something isn’t good for us, protect us, and if something is good for us, show us the way and make it easy for us, Ameen.”

I am relieved my spirituality is on the upswing. It’s scary when it becomes week. I can only think of one other decline, and that was when i was a fairly new Muslim and felt like an outcast. Recently I really really struggled with hijab, and I’ve decided to put my issues with it on hold because it is impossible to be objective in the sweltering, oppressive summer heat (read: I’m cranky in the heat).

Ramadan is quickly approaching and I am looking forward to it although to my extreme disappointment I will not be fasting. No, I’m not preggo! I have type 2 diabetes and was put on insulin within the past week. InshaAllah it is temporary and will go away as I shed extra pounds and build tolerance to a brisk exercise routine. Pray for me please 🙂
I will probably abstain from blogging or reading other blogs during the holy month as it is a distraction, and I hope inshaAllah at the conclusion of Ramadan I will be used to it, and really limit my computer/iPhone usage (not that there’s much with my kids hanging of me!)

Well, that’s where I’m at these days, putting one foot in front of the other and hoping to be a better Muslim, mother, wife, daughter and sister with each step.

InshaAllah I hope you have a blessed and peaceful